EVS placement for October's deadline: looking for...

InCo is ready for the third deadline of ERASMUS+! Available placements are listed below with some details about the profile requested. They are all long-term projects (meaning activities of 12 months) carried out in Italy.

Polish volunteer wanted!

We are looking for a Polish male volunteer for the CIVICA di Trento, an organization dealing with elderlies which up to now have had several experiences with volunteers (including foreign ones).

EVS placement for April's deadline: volunteers needed!

InCo is ready for the second deadline of ERASMUS+! Available placements are listed below with some details about the profile requested. They are all long-term projects (meaning activities of 12 months).

What would you like to find out?

InCo keeps on with the individual meetings with youngsters, so to give more information about EVS (of course!) but also information on other mobility projects

Goodbye Youth in Action, welcome ERASMUS+

After 7 years the EU programm "Youth in Action" officially ended: it was the one forstering, among other opportunities, also the European Voluntary Service (EVS).During these years InCo worked a lot and, thanks to the co-financing of the Italian National...

New EVS volunteers are arriving

Here we are, waiting for a new group of EVS volunteers arriving at the beginning of March within a very special project coordinated by InCo organization: "EVS through the looking-glass".

EVS placement for March's deadline: volunteers wanted!

After the official launch of the new Erasmus+ program (in which EVS is included) InCo is ready for the first deadline of the year. We have the placements listed below. They are all long-term projects (meaning activities of 12 months starting in September 2014). 

EVS placement for October's deadline: volunteers needed!

InCo has the following placements (long-term – 12 months starting in March 2014):> Villaggio SOS di Saronno : only male volunteers. Please check further details on the database (link directly on the name of each HO) – remember that activity with children of...

Intergenerational bridges

This is the new project implemented by InCo: but not for youngsters this time!It aims at including senior volunteers (50+) in international opportunities: more information in Italian.

"Open Space! Open Mind?": closing the project

The project called "Open Space! Open Mind?", implemented thanks to the support of Piani Giovani di Zona durante il 2012 , has officially come to its end.

New selection: looking for volunteers for Kenya

This is a new EVS project coordinated by InCo: it will develop in Kenya, at Nakuru, by the host organization "Welcome to the family". The organization deals with disadvantaged youth and children; the selection is open only for youngsters living in Italy.

Our infopoint is coming back again

After some months of no activities, for our infopoint it's time to start again, thanks to the support of the Centro Servizi Volontariato della Provincia Autonoma di Trento. And there's something new coming up!

"Steps towards change" it really over?

If you've been following us for a while, for sure you remember about the project "Steps towards change", because we spoke about it on a number of occasions: the main objective was to build a stable and sustainable network between 18 organization in...

Merry Christmas!

2012 is coming to an end: it was a year full of volunteers and events!

EVS in Italy: selection of volunteers open!!!

InCo just launched a new selection process of volunteers for the vacancies of 2013 in different project we coordinate in Italy.

Last meeting with the project: Open Space! Open Mind?

Winter has come, and with it also the very last meeting organized by InCo organization, together with other association, called "Open Space! Open Mind?". It will take place on Thursday, 6th of December, from 4 pm on at the Bookique- Caffè Letterario in...

Speaking hands

Jorana Paez was a volunteer with InCo who developed her service between September 2011 and August 2012 for Azienda per i Servizi Sociali di Bolzano , in Villa Armonia. During the year she implemented a personal project with the main objective of organizing a...

Ready for Europe?

After the great success of the two editions, this year the third info-day as to the opportunities for youngsters to volunteer, doing internships, or studying abroad has come!The event will take place on Wednesday, 14th of November from 10 to 19 in the Sala di...

From EVS to the stage!

Amalya is a girl from Armenia full of energy! From January to September 2012 she left her country to come to Italy and live an EVS experience withint the Azienda Servizi Sociali di Bolzano (ASSB). In this project (“Marginaliz-Action:activism for social...

Here it comes: "Open Space! Open Mind?" again

...little by little, we are getting closer to the 4th appointment with the project "Open Space! Open Mind?", to get to know more about EVS and other opportunities to go abroad. As usual, the meeting will take place at Bookique -  Caffè Letterario...

Autumn starts: welcome volunteers!

Here we are, September started again and so do some of our volunteering projects: 45 volunteers just came to Italy, and with 2 different programs: the European Voluntary Service, and the German voluntary service.

From our volunteers

To be able to explain such an intense experience as EVS (European Voluntary Service) there's nothing better than the words of those who participate in the program: our volunteers!

EVS placements in Honduras and Costa Rica

Currently we are running a selection for two Italian volunteers for a new project, which will take place in Honduras and Costa Rica (one volunteer per country). The project was submitted to the agency EACEA in Brussels for the deadline of the first of June; we...

New EVS vacancies in Italy

VillaggioSOS di Ostuni is getting its accreditation to take part in the EVS. The description of the organization is not yet in the database, but the activities are very similar to other “Villaggio SOS”structures (as Vicenza,for example ). This organization is...