"Steps towards change"...is it really over?

If you've been following us for a while, for sure you remember about the project "Steps towards change", because we spoke about it on a number of occasions: the main objective was to build a stable and sustainable network between 18 organization in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, which were willing to send and host volunteers with less opportunities. It is a project which sees the participation only of organizations working with EVS: but which has an impact also on youngsters who wish to participate in the program.

...if you don't remember about this project, no problem: you can click here to go to the specific post about it!

The project developed in different phases (steps!): a call conference to start getting to know each other, an email exchange about information and opinions, to end up in a real face-to-face meeting which took place in Čadca, Slovakia (where KERIC , the organization responsible of the project, is), and to conclude, a second call conference .

And we already started seeing the results, establishing new partnerships on EVS (European Voluntary Service) and writing together the necessary info-kit for volunteers: we really hope to improve both our work and our collaboration!

Following these hopes a new project was created, called "Steps towards change - next step". It is about deepening our collaboration (but only between 8 organizations located in Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Uganda and Costa Rica) and creating at the same time a video kit for volunteers. To this end six meetings are envisaged: the first one already took place, in Slovakia, last November; then there will be: one in Costa Rica (January), one in Uganda (February), one in Poland (March), one in Vietnam (May), and one in Turkey (June).

...curious to get to know more? There's a blog about it (managed by KERIC), just click this link !

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