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Who are we?InCo Association (Interculturality & Communication) is a non-profit organisation established in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to develop international exchange, mutual understanding, and intercultural sensitivity...

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The InCo staff team is currently made up of nine enthusiastic and motivated people, all with experience in the international mobility programs.At the moment we are hosting 1 international volunteer coming from Turkey.

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The headquarters of the InCo association


InCo deals, in particular, with the planning and coordination of international exchange and volunteering projects, internships abroad, au pair stays and family stays. At the local level it is also active in the promotion of international mobility, both through...

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WHY?InCo is a small no-profit organization. In few words, what we do is fostering long-term exchange projects.On one hand, this means providing youngsters with an opportunity of personal and professional growth; on the other hand, this also means...