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Trento,Casa di riposo, Stella del mattino Sabato, 22 Marzo 2014

Hello, I am Andrej, I've been sent here in Italy the 1st of september 2013. I couldn't be happier I thought, but soon I realized, that it's more difficult than I thought. A guy who just finished his high school and went direcly to a different country. Well from experience you also get results as they say. I've learn many things here that I never though I would have, for example cooking, baking, repairing a bicycle, sewing and other housewife skills. But apart from that I've learned how to comunicate with elderly-eldest people, which is something I never though would be ever possible for me due to my personality. This project was also a very convinient oportunity for me to reflect upon myself and about life itself, that is also why it was so important in my life. And also I've realized that a smile is free and should be used way more often in the company of these nice people who reached a certain age even if they won't always respond with a kind smile back because in the end of the day they will think they were in the company of people who smile and even if they won't remember it they will feel the difference. After all we will all be once old, and think about how would you like the people to treat you. For those who will want to accept a similar project, it is way easier and better to work and spent time with a serene elderly person than an preoccupied or even angry one. This project also gave me a feeling of belonging somewhere, the coworkers were really nice to be and talk with. To sum up this year was all worth the effort and thank you Wendy, you made it possible for me!

Casa di riposo Gardolo Elderly Trento

A Trento con la Vacanza Studio Martedì, 13 Settembre 2011

Trento è una città fantastica, il tempo era veramente bellissimo e gli italiani sono davvero simpatici. Le tre settimane sono passate molto presto.

Il corso d'italiano era un buon aiuto per apprendere questa lingua e la nostra insegnante aveva molta pazienza. Un giorno siamo andati a Venezia dove abbiamo fatto un giro per la città. Era un'esperienza meravigliosa e incomparabile. Nell'arena di Verona abbiamo ascoltato l'opera Romeo e Giulietta. L'arena era indescrivibile, ma anche tanto calda.

Anche tutte le altre gite erano belle. Insomma le tre settimane siamo stati benissimo!!!

Katharina,Jean-Max e Viktoria (vacanza studio 2011)

vacanza studio Trento

Bella Italia Martedì, 13 Settembre 2011

Questa estate siamo stati a Trento per 3 settimane. Ci è piaciuto molto! Il tempo è passato troppo veloce. Perché era molto caldo, eravamo spesso al lago per nuotare. Abbiamo visto molte città, per esempio Venezia, Verona ed Ala. Ogni giorno facevamo un corso di italiano e imparavamo molto. Ma vivere e parlare con la gente italiana era un buon aiuto per imparare la lingua. Anche i ragazzi del corso linguistico erano simpatici.

Vogliamo tornare!

Claudia, Lea, Erik (vacanza studio 2011).

vacanza studio Trento

Ragazzi, venite a Trento!! Martedì, 13 Settembre 2011

E' una bella città dove si può studiare e vivere nel meglio modo. Il primo giorno l'accoglienza era cordiale alla residenza degli studenti italiani (San Bartolameo). Ogni mattina siamo andati con le nostre belle bici gialle al corso d'italiano. Appena finito il corso mangiavamo alla mensa dove nostro piatto preferito era ovviamente la pasta. Quasi ogni pomeriggio facevamo un'escursione nel Trentino ad esempio al lago di Tenno. Di questa esperienza non dimenticheremo l'opera all'Arena di Verona, il gelato delizioso, la bella atmosfera tra tutti noi e lo spritz ;-)

Renate, Fritz e Henrik (vacanza studio 2011)

vacanza studio Trento

EVS Giovedì, 04 Agosto 2011

Ciao a tutti :)

My name is Ernest Poghosyan. I am from Armenia. With great pleasure and honor I want to say that I am an ex-volunteer of Villa Sant’Ignazio. I was volunteering in Trento for 6 unforgettable months. During my project I was working with emigrants, with people with different cultural backgrounds and social problems. My mission was to help people to be integrated in contemporary life. My project was consists with different activities such as house assembly (it is an activity where guests, volunteers and educators plan the activities for the following week), meetings with Hospitality sector (an activity to organize weekly work and to speak about eventual problems in the organization of the structure), meetings with educators and volunteers of the Host Community (it is a moment of both informal training on how to build relationships with the guests and also to speak about eventual difficulties), movie sessions, excursions, sport (volleyball, basketball etc.) and also assistance of the Head of the House.

I was very lucky because I did my project together with another wonderful international volunteer from Hungary. Her name is Edina Kiss. We became just very good friends, I am so proud of her, she is like my sister… Edina, my dear, always remember that I am very happy to know such a smart, intelligent and just a kind person as you. During my project with Edina we had an opportunity to make our own project. For example, we could make intercultural evening with presentation of our countries, also different kind of activities to make friendlier environment, to create unity and solidarity between people.

Of cause during the project I faced also with different kind of conflicts about misunderstandings and communication but we could resolve them by speaking and discussions. And I think that conflicts are not so bad. It is a way to show your way of thinking, your overlook and yourself in generally.
During my staying in VSI I developed my abilities concerning intercultural communication and awareness of other cultures. Leaving, having contact and making friendship with other countries' people helped me to see and feel the differences and common points between the cultures, and to find out a lot of common wishes, feelings, ideas that go beyond nation. This project was wonderful possibility for me to have dialogue and intercultural encounters with other people reinforcing the openmindness opportunity and positive awareness.

EVS for me was a new way of learning compared to learning in school and university. My goals within EVS project were helping people, meet and work with other volunteers, share experience and knowledge etc. And I got it! EVS gave me a work and life experience in intercultural environment and international dialogue. I could see how the things are in more developed countries such as Italy and how the projects are implemented there. International experience is very important as the world is getting more and more integrated, so this was a chance to have a look at these changes and influences them. I acquired a new look on the things, I met new people and make a changes in life. And, of course, language learning - as no teacher can teach you the language that you will learn living in a country of origin of this language... I do remember my Italian when I came to Italy for the first time. I known only “Ciao” and just nothing but living there also taking part in Italian courses I improved my Italian skills to better and better.
And of course Italiaaaaa, perfect country and rich culture to do volunteering. During my project I travelled more then 10 cities in Italy. There were possibilities to take part in on-arrival training in Verbania and mid-term training in Naples where we could also visit a unique city called Pompei.
In the end of my project I received my “Youth Pass” certification which certifies my participation of European Volunteering Service.
Now I don’t know what else to write, maybe nothing... I just want to advice you with all my heart – guys just do EVS! :)

P.S. – I want to pay my best regards to all those people who were involved in my EVS life!

Trento Villa Sant’Ignazio