Juan's first impressions Blog dei volontari

Juan has already spent his first few months in Italy and wanted to share some snippets of the experience. 

My name is Juan, and I´m coming from the south of Spain. I arrived in Trento four months ago since now. I can consider myself a lucky one; right after my arrival, Italy was getting over to a long-lockdown period, and most of the shops and cultural centres were reopening.

I decided to become a volunteer in Trento because I was already aware of my hosting NGO activities, as I have already lived in the north of Italy. As I could speak Italian before the present experience, my integration at work and with the local population has been very fast. Since the beginning, I have been part of some of the exciting projects that the Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale, the organization where I´m volunteering, manages.

Life in Trento is relaxing, and for those mountain lovers definitely, this place is a fantasy. The city is between the Dolomites mountain and the Alps, so there is an activity to practise nature every week. Also, the fact that we have lakes around is fantastic, as we can confront the warm temperatures of the summer by swimming in the fresh lakes.

Even though I have spent most of my weekends travelling around the region, I have had a great time here in the short free period I have been in Trento. I have many international and local friends, so it is always a pleasure hanging around with them and just enjoying the city.