Ecco, Blog dei volontari

Juliette just finished her ESC experience in Trento and shares a last blog post with us. 

this the last post for the volunteers blog. It feels strange because I didn’t write anything here for a long time, the last one was probably for Christmas, and since then I lived an entire life.

I wouldn’t have enough place to write everything that happened those last months, and honestly I am not sure I would want to either. 

I feel mixed feelings about this post. I explain myself, it is the last one and it shoud be like short and happy resume about this ten month’s adventure, but I didn’t digest everything I lived in Italy yet, and I still feel sad that I left so it doesn’t sounds like writing a resume is the best idea. 

So I decided to write about now, about the coming back (who knows maybe it will be useful for someone in the future). 

Guys, coming back is kind of difficult !! I mean if you lived one of your best life experience as I did, the return isn’t easy. In the sense that you put so much effort at the beginning of the volunteering to adapt to your new context, that one day you forget it is not always been your comfort zone, people there have not always been your friends. You forget it until the moment you come back and you have to readapt to what used to be your life before. It is like what was known is now the unknown and vice versa. But I guess that’s how you know that you lived what you had to live at 100%. 

So, at the end I think I can say that I am grateful to be able to be sad today, because it is the sign that everything I experienced this year was really great. And indeed, I think I can say that coming in Italy was one the best decision I have taken. I learned so much about myself, I grow (even if Sagar always laugh when I say that ) it is true, and gain self-confidence. And of course I gain amazing friends, I won’t give a shout out to them on this post because, first they already know everything, and secondly it would be BEAUF as fuck ! ! (They all know what it means). 

But I let you with some pictures of my ten months here. I had to chose ten pictures but I couldn’t (I mean ten pictures among 2500 that I took it was too difficult ) so I let Reme choose them among a selection I made (go baby show them what we’ve got).