Alright! Namaste! Blog dei volontari

Half of Sagar's project time has already passed, he reflects on it. 

The 7th month has begun! I am officially, undoubtedly and irrefutably past my half volunteering period. I am scared of returning home! 

Scared, not in a metaphorical sense or even in a poetic melancholic way. I don’t know what my life would be like when I return back home. A lot hangs on my experience here. I have to make the next 5 months count, both for my memories (life is but a dream) and my career (a year in Europe means a lot to my job and education perspectives). 

I have therefore, discussed with my coordinator about what I’d like to know before I depart. I want to carry some substantial competence from Italy that would be difficult to find in Nepal. I want to learn how to properly run a youth organization that has volunteering as a main focus. I feel, Inco, through its ups and downs can inadvertently teach me what to do and also what not to do. Most of it depends upon me, what questions to ask and to whom. 

Sono Contento! I am content.  Italy has made me happier.