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Ciao/Ahojte/Maybe Hi?

My name is Kristína, I‘m a 22-year-old student from Slovakia...

"La scelta della mia vita di cui non mi pentirò mai"

Ciao, sono Beatrice e sto svolgendo il mio progetto ESC di un anno a Lipsia, in Germania.

Time is running!!! – Volunteering in Trento

Hello everyone, I'm Nina, 18 years old, from Germany. After finishing high school I wanted to do a gap year abroad. I decided to do an ESC voluntary service at the Comenius middle school. Now I'd like to tell you a bit about my experiences, since half of my time...

From Rita’s eyes

Hey everybody,I’m Rita, 19 years old, from Germany. My project here in Italy (Bolzano) started already 5 months ago, since then I’m working at an elderly peoples home where I’m helping out with the animation/free time activities. 

Nikolay's Adventure

8 Febbraio 2023 Giovedi23PMCaro Diario, I've been here only for a couple of months but I already can tell I love the Nature in and around Trento. I arrived in November 2022 and I could feel the cold Winter approaching, but that didn't stop me from visiting the...

Deniz’s Journey

I am Deniz, At the age of 24. I was at the very beginning of life. I wanted to leave some memories of my youth to remember. However, I wanted these memories to be a plus for me, so I met Inco! And now i am currently volunteering at a nursing home in Bolzano,...

Maria: volontaria ESC in Francia

Ciao a tutti! Sono Maria e sono attualmente volontaria in un progetto di Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà a Dax, nella affasciante Francia del sud. 

Ezgi in Wonderland

Ciao tutti,My name is Ezgi. I am 27 years old and from Turkey. I live in Mersin, a Mediterranean city in Turkey. I am a mechanical engineer. Before applying for a job, I wanted to give myself a gap year. I am volunteering in Trento since 28th of October. I was...

"Volunteering in Molfetta with Assoziazione InCo: A...

The ESC Volunteering program in Molfetta, Italy provided me with a life-changing experience through their work with the NGO "Assoziazione InCo." The warm welcome from their coworkers and the meaningful work on environmental conservation projects...

Testimonianza di Adele sul suo ESC a Cipro

Ciao! Sono Adele e partecipo al progetto ESC “Cap the Gap”. Il mio team è formato da 7 ragazze di diversi paesi europei con diversi percorsi accademici. Il nostro gruppo così vario ci dà la possibilità di creare diversi tipi di progetti in diverse tipologie...


Ciao a tutti, sono Annapaola e sto svolgendo la mia esperienza da volontaria europea in Germania, per la precisione in un piccolo paese nella regione del Brandeburgo. Attualmente sono al 4 mese della mia esperienza.

volunteering in molfetta

Hi, I am Kira and I was in Molfetta for 12 months.