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Emerging throw the city of Molfetta

CES AssociazioneInComolfetta europeansolidaritycorps solidarietà solidaritycorps stayactive2 nonformallearning ESC Molfetta youth volunteering Europe
I embarked on a volunteer experience in Molfetta, a historic city in southern Italy. Through Associazione InCo, I focused on professional development in roles like social media management, filmmaking, and copywriting. I created InCo's branding and templates for...

Time flies in Trento

Volunteering Experience Blog Lifestyle ESC Volunteer Europe European Solidarity Corps
Today the calendar marks one whole month since I started my ESC experience in Trento. I can say that it exceeded my expectations.

Forza Italia numero 2!

Christina Theodorou Trento Volunteer ESC Italia
I know, I know, long time no see! What can I say, I’ve been busy.


Jakub Kania volunteer Trento ESC European Solidarity Corps
First blog post from Jakub our new volunteer from Poland who will be doing his ESC in Trentino Social Tank.  

A year of experiences, friendships and growth - the...

molfetta sve esc
I’m Flóra Fábián, a Hungarian girl who came straight out of the nest of her parents and the safety of high school, freshly graduated, at 18,  while being still very much a little girl, a kiddo, to take on an adventure and go to live in the South of Italy...

Nina's ESC in Trento!

Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà nursing home ESC European Solidarity Corps Trento
This is Nina's experience of a 12 month ESC project in a nursing home in Trento!

Unforgettable volunteering experience during COVID19...

ESC Volunteering European Solidarity Corps COVID19
My volunteering project in Italy called „Take me in Europe“ took me to the south of Italy and showed me life in the city called Molfetta. Unfortunately, not at the best time...