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My first days as a volunteer

reme torrico trento inco volunteer
The first days of a spanish volunteer in the city of Trento. Travelling from Spain to Trento, discovering the city, the language, the fauna and more.   I’ve been in Trento for 5 days already and although it may not seem like much, time goes so...

Volunteering: the stage of a journey and the choice of...

Precisely a year ago, in September 2019, my trip to Barcelona began: I lived my 10-month volunteer project in the communication department of Asociación Mundus, a Spanish NGO that deals with international mobility.

My sunny EVS in Molfetta

Volunteer EVS Molfetta
From September ´19 until June ´20 I was participating in one of the Erasmus+ programs, the EVS. I got the chance to volunteer in a Secondary school in Bisceglie, deep in south Italy’s region Puglia. I must admit that living there, at the coast side with almost...

Nina's ESC in Trento!

Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà nursing home ESC European Solidarity Corps Trento
This is Nina's experience of a 12 month ESC project in a nursing home in Trento!

"Stune, Stune mia, quande sì care... "

Ostuni Villaggio SOS SVE Italia
"Stune, my Stune, when so dear..." Lillo Rapanà sang... Ostuni has become a very dear city for me too, and will remain so forever!

''It was the best of times, it was the worst of times''

Writing this blog was one of the hardest tasks I had to do for two main reasons:The first question was: how to describe a one-year experience on one page, but that I feel like it's at least 5?And then, how to write without repeating the words of others saying that...

Take me down to the paradise city – Take me in Europe!

memories I will come back Molfetta Italy EVS
Hello, I’m Sasha, coming from Hungary, and I left my heart in Molfetta after 7 month staying there as a volunteer.After already 1,5 months coming home from Italy and especially form this even-more amazing southern part of Italy makes me smile and think of those...

Ten months in Italy - a completely new life!

esc youth mobility luxembourg italy volunteering experience
For ten months, I was a volunteer with the organisation InCo Molfetta in Puglia.

Corona, can it stop Solidarity? Sure no!!

During my stay in Ostuni, Italy I have learnt a lot and one of the most important thing that I have learnt is ''Never give up''. I know it is a bit old term and even there are some movies with it. But to be honest when you work with those kids, you will see this...

Unforgettable volunteering experience during COVID19...

ESC Volunteering European Solidarity Corps COVID19
My volunteering project in Italy called „Take me in Europe“ took me to the south of Italy and showed me life in the city called Molfetta. Unfortunately, not at the best time...

In the year of my 18 years I was a volunteer of the...

It was the end of the school year, the baccalauréat (the final high school exam) was approaching. It was a beautiful sunny day, rare days in the capital. The morning was well underway when I received this long-awaited email. Hopeful and feared at the same...