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Ten months in Italy - a completely new life!

esc youth mobility luxembourg italy volunteering experience
For ten months, I was a volunteer with the organisation InCo Molfetta in Puglia.

Unforgettable volunteering experience during COVID19...

ESC Volunteering European Solidarity Corps COVID19
My volunteering project in Italy called „Take me in Europe“ took me to the south of Italy and showed me life in the city called Molfetta. Unfortunately, not at the best time...

What a story! A part of my life in Italy

Georgia ESC volontariato mobilità Erasmus+ Europa European Solidarity Corps
Our volunteer Irakli from Georgia, having reached the end of his volunteer experience in Trento, sent us this farewell letter that we are very keen to share on our volunteer blog because it summarizes, once again, the essence of the mobility of the volunteering so...

Thomas and his journey.... continue!

Norvegia volontariato ESC Europa Erasmus+ Lettonia
We received an update from Thomas about his experience as a volunteer in Ventispils, Latvia.