EVS in Italy

Fondazione S. Vigilio is searching for a Portuguese volunteer who would help the association's work for a year from November 2016. If you would like to live in Northern Italy in a nice village surrounded by mountains, read on!

PS: it's a European Voluntary Service project



If you are ready to take part in educational, communicational andrecreational activities, this is your project!

Proposed activities for the volunteer

  • educational activities: organising workshops and recreational activities, helping in studying;
  • promotional activities: website, newsletter;
  • recreational activities: different kind of events at the botanical garden, the castle and youth centres.

For more information, please read this document!



When and where?

From 03/11/2016 to 04/09/2017 Ossana, Italy.


How to apply?

So,here is the application procedure:

1) download the application form from below


2) get deep information about EVS and its conditions; read asmuch as possible about Fondazione S. Vigilio and Ossana, verifying if they really match with your ideas/dreams of experience abroad;

3) write us an email with your application attaching the form together with the CV with picture.

Email's subject must be: "EVS application InCo: Fondazione S. Vigilio".

Emails without the specific subject will not be included in the selection process.

In case of doubts, write us an email (evs@incoweb.org) we will be happy to help.:-)

Please apply as soon as possible! Our email is: evs@incoweb.org

Emails which do not follow the indications will not be processed as valid applications and will be directed again to this announcement. Successful applications will receive an email of confirmation.

Good Luck! ;-)

EVS, Portugal, Italy