EVS to promote social inclusion

InCo would like to submit a project involving receiving organizations dealing with the issue of social inclusion! Available placements are listed below with some details about the profile requested. They are all long-term projects (meaning activities lasting more than 6 months).


Please check specific details about each Receiving Organization (link to the EVS database directly on the name of each organization):

Azienda Servizi Sociali Bolzano  (ASSB): 2 vacancies available; starting date April 2016, for 12 months. Bolzano is a bilingual city (Italian and German are official languages and used in everyday life). Activities with elderly people.

Civica di Trento:  2 vacancies available; starting date April 2016, for 12 months. Project located inTrento. Activities with elderly people.

Centro Trentino Solidarietà : 2 vacancies available, starting date April 2016, for 6 months. Project located inTrentino and dealing with people facing addiction problems and offering assistance to people with AIDS.

The project foresees parallel activities involving volunteers from the 3 Receiving Organizations in activities to implement together. The specific activities will be chosen together with the candidates in agreement with the receiving organizations. Activities could be for example: raising awareness regarding the issue of social exclusion and promoting the social inclusion of people facing difficulties because of economic, social, addiction or age reasons, sustainable development since each organization has a garden, etc.


ATTENTION regarding activities with elderly people: please consider that it's not the same as spending an afternoon with your grandmother! It's a very beautiful project and there is space to develop own ideas andinitiatives but the life of elderly people also involves sometimes loneliness, illness, dementia and death (so you have to be open an prepared to this).

Get inspired and read some of our ex-volunteers' testimonies .

Interested? So here the application procedures: (read them and follow themcarefully)



1) download  the application form below


2) get deep information about EVS and its conditions; read as much as possible about the receiving organization you are interested in and the city where it is located, verifying if it really matches with your ideas/dreams of experience abroad;

3) contact your sending organization. We won't accept application done by volunteers directly, only through sending organization;

4) discuss the opportunity with your sending organization checking the opportunities offered and your expectations. Matching profile and opportunities is essential to guarantee a great servicefor you! In case of doubts, give us a call - we will be happy to help.

5) ask your sending organization to send us an email with your application attaching the form together with the CV with picture. We will not accept application done by volunteers directly, only through sending organizations). Email's subject must be: "EVS application InCothrough Sending Organization: NAME OF THE RECEIVING ORGANIZATION".

Thus, for example: "EVS application InCo through Sending Organization: Civica". Emails without the specific subject will not beincluded in the selection process.


The deadline to apply is the 30th of March 2015. Our email is: sve@incoweb.org


If you would like to apply to more than one vacancy, applications must be done separately – the documents and evaluation must be specific in different emails with proper subject.

Emails which don't follow the indications won't be processed as valid applications and will be directed again to this announcement. Successful applications will receive an email of confirmation.


Good luck :-)

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