Volunteering in the field of organization & implementation of activities for young people & people at risk of social exclusion

Would you like to volunteer with young people and people at risk of social exclusion?

Join the European Solidarity Corps and become part of the Caritas Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone's team for 12 months starting from autumn 2021!


Partner organization

Coordinating organization

Associazione InCo - Interculturalità & Comunicazione

Bolzano, Trentino Alto-Adige

From September 2021 for 12 months


Proposed activities for the volunteer/s

The volunteers will work with Caritas Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone, its partners and other partners working with young people and people at risk of social exclusion. The volunteers will be part of a team and they will participate in staff meetings and in meetings with other volunteers. Volunteers will be mainly involved in the office of the YoungCaritas but they will have the opportunity to collaborate with other services of the Caritas Bolzano. Main activities are the following:

  1. YoungCaritas:
    • organization and implementation of workshops at schools about social issues and international solidarity;
    • organization and implementation of special events such as “Corsa dei Miracoli”, “Fiera del volontariato”, “72 ore senza compromesso”;
    • participation in special training about volunteering;
    • holidays and recreational activities.
  2. Services for refugees: Casa Aaron, Casa Arnica, Casa Sara, Casa Miriam, Casa del pescatore, Casa Anna, Casa Freinademetz (both for migrants and italians) and casa Migrantes Volunteers will collaborate in:
    • attending trainings for interculturality, migration and integration;
    • organizing and implementing recreational activities for children;
    • assisting children in doing their homework;
    • database maintenance - entry and processing of personal information;
    • supporting refugees.in their language learning path.
  3. Services for homeless people: Casa Arché, Casa Magret, Casa dell'ospitalità. Volunteers will support the staff in:
    • implementing and organizing recreational activities;
    • the community life as for example helping for the preparation of lunch/dinner with the guests.
  4. Services for people with AIDS: Casa Emmaus and Iris Caffè
    • implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events.
  5. Services for disabled people 
    • implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events.
  6. Services for people with addiction problems: Binario 7
    • implementing and organizing recreational activities as well as special events.
  7. Services for people with psychic problems: Centro diurno
    • plan some recreational activities;
    • bring in some new ideas;
    • help by cooking.

Volunteers will work 30-35 hours/week, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes the volunteer will be requested to work also during weekends. In any case, volunteers will not work more than 5 days/week and will always have 2 days off.


1 volunteer


You need to be aged between 18 and 30 years old and you should preferably be an EU citizen.

You don't need any previous experience or training in order to become a volunteer and carry on your activities in Caritas. Just be curious, open-minded and highly motivated!


Food and accommodation

You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. A room will be provided at the disposition of the volunteer in the Caritas building in the centre of Bolzano. Kitchen facilities of the structure are open to the utilization of the volunteer.

The volunteer will receive a monthly amount of money to sustain food expenses. Kitchen facilities are available in the Caritas building in the centre of Bolzano. The volunteer will have the possibility to use the common kitchen of the centre where s/he has her accommodation means as well.

How to apply

For any information write an email to: info@incoweb.org.

If you want to apply send your CV (in English or Italian) to evs@incoweb.org and fulfill this Application Form

Information about the programme