Starting 2021 in a new place with new people Volunteers say

Laura, a really young volunteer from Germany has just started her volunteering experience, in this short period of time she has been doing lots of things and enjoying the beautiful city of Trento and the Province of Trentino. 

I arrived in Trento on the 15th of January by train. Coming from Germany, a country that had been in Lockdown for weeks, I was super excited about volunteering in Italy. And I haven’t been disappointed! I live together with two other volunteers who showed me around on my first weekend in Trento. We drank Aperol Spritz, visited the Doss Trento (by foot) and looked at the city center. Trento really is a pretty city and I love the view of the mountains, which you can see from anywhere. They also introduced me to two more volunteers and I have since become good friends with all of them.

During my first week I also started volunteering at my project: the Comenius school in Cognola. The school provides a supportive environment and I have met amazing teachers as well as admirable students. The bilingual concept in some of the classes allows me to speak with the students in my native language and teach them more about Germany. To be honest my expectations weren’t high, but the school is very organized and I got my timetable after just three days.

I have not gotten my Codice Confisciale yet, which you need to apply for your free transport card. InCo is taking care of that, but it will take a few more weeks, sadly. The flat provided by the organisation is ok, but there have been problems with mold and I’m really missing my microwave from back home…

In the short time that I have been here, I have also visited the Garda lake and sardagna, a small village from which you have a great view of Trento. One of my favorite things about this city, is the coffee culture! I drink cappuccinos and Cafe Lattes almost everyday and it’s something I’ve really started to enjoy! After a long day at school it is really refreshing to meet your friends and drink coffee together, even if it is only for one hour before the bars close at six. The food here has also been delicious and I love the pizza – it’s pretty much impossible to get a bad one!

I really look forward to the coming months and I hope that Covid restrictions will be less severe.