Ode to Living multiple lives Volunteers say

Sagar gives us an extensive review of his current life, from the city, to the books he reads. 

First of all Namaste! 

My third month is about to complete and oh boy do I have a lot to share with you all! 

Okay! In my last blog I forgot to mention that I was quarantining in a lovely lovely place in the hills with a dog as a friend. She was my best friend there and I feel like the love for dogs has followed me to Trento. I watched snowfall there... and as it should, it made me contemplate my whole life and how beautiful and conflicting it was that I was in Italy during the period where people are recommended not to visit even their closest friends. 

Now that I am in Trento, let me tell you how I feel about the place. Not to steal Reme’s words, 

‘Trento is a BIG circular town’. If you are lost (that is more or less me most of the time) you are very likely to find the street that is familiar to you after 25 minutes...and you can follow that street and you will end up in your destination. I promise! So, that’s the main city.

What about the surrounding area? 

Trento, I am so happy to say, is one of the best destinations if you like to walk and hike. We have big and small hiking trails, a whole river to walk alongside, we have a ‘cable car’ that takes you to a tall hill, Sardagna (sometimes for free?!what?!) and you are never too far away to conquer a new hill or a mountain. And sometimes if you want to go to see a waterfall, you end up climbing a mountain, never see the forsaken waterfall and be happy that the universe had some other plans with you! 

Reme, our guiding star, who is always making sure that we stay a group and go for lively adventures somehow always finds places to go. They always turn out to be the best thing ever! If you ever see Reme in the wild, do give her a high five! Or bow to her...she likes that. 

In short, my weekend adventures have never been better… My phone says that I am walking around 8000 steps everyday and that during the weekend it’s around 15000 steps! 

Work! Yes, I am doing that too… 

The new strategic partnership project called Deegeays  (pronounced DJs) has officially kicked off and we e-met the partners! Globers is creating podcasts and other lovely content. And Empath4Youth...it’s complicated. Suffices to say that that when I am not dreaming about having Olga’s crepes, Juliette’s chocolates, Reme’s adventures, Christina’s wisdom, Laura’s brownies, Julia’s fluffy cakes* and Ellie’s misadventures; I am working with Globers volunteers to make beautiful content and workshops, with Anya to realize the potential of the projects and with Reme to create creative video ideas. 

Books! Yes, they need their own paragraph…

Thanks for reading this far...I really appreciate it. I love you for sticking by. 

Okay, books…Since my time in Italy, I have finished 2666- Roberto Bolano, The five people you meet in Heaven, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Half read- 100 years of Solitude and my ultimate book of the year so far...Brothers Karamazov by Mr. Dostoevsky himself. During these readings, I felt like the writers’ thoughts coincided with mine and that we were in a gossip about our experiences. That we were in deep conversation about me. I had to sometimes, after having read a sentence, put the book down...widen my eyes, breathe out and agree/disagree deliberately to what they said about how they felt. 

I have now started another big undertaking. Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy. As of this writing, I am on page 210 and have put down the book at least 5-6 times feeling ashamed, disagreeing, rolling my eyes, nodding with exasperated agreement and laughing nervously at the decisions made. I am living more than one life. 

If you finished reading all of what I had to say, I am so very happy you did. 


- Sagar Ghimire