Namaste! Volunteers say

Preface: I haven’t finished Anna Karenina yet. I am disappointed and a little bit ashamed. Now, back to the blog!

Since the last time you read my blog (or you didn’t), I have done around 50 km of running (during the process where I saw the limitations of my knees), gone back to learning guitar (during which I found out I can sing only ONE SONG), napped in the middle of a working-day  (I don’t regret this) and eaten way too much tortellini (but somehow I’m still losing weight). AND celebrated Nepali new year and if you didn’t know; spring is officially here! 

Nepal just celebrated their new year; 2078. No, that’s not a typo; it is year Two Thousand and seventy eight in Nepal. Around 57 years ahead of the AD calendar. The month in Nepal is not April, but Baisakh and the weird thing is we don’t even celebrate it. We just go;’s just another day. 

But in Trento, we did celebrate it because we needed an excuse to meet and make fun of each other. We cooked samosas with chutney and ate 3 different desserts. The girls i.e. Reme, Laura and Julia were very kind to bring two different types of awesome cake/muffin-like-dessert thingy!

Also, I went, randomly during my hike, to the bear conservation area. I was kinda scared! >.< 

And I saw a waterfall, broke my hiking-stick, slipped on the snow, gave up my hike and did a total of 1100meters elevation and covered 15 kilometers in total distance. 

And in the same place, I saw a tea cup on a tree. This was funny and very weird. I was so amused by this! Aren’t you? Why would someone forget their cup in the bear sanctuary? And why would someone carry a fancy tiny cup there?

Anyway, I could write a thesis about the red-zone and how I wanted to get away from all that, but I won’t. I enjoyed my last week way too much to bother myself with the nitty-gritty of the lock-down. 


And to all those reading, happy new year! 

You will be fine! 

Sagar, from the future (year 2078)