Young Together, the value of diversity and of the encounter between young people

Exactly seventy years from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, today we celebrate the International Day of Human Rights, an occasion in which we want to remember how the values ​​highlighted in this document have retained its relevance today.

Also InCo, with its activity, is a bearer of these principles, both locally and internationally facing current and salient issues for young people and for the whole community.

With the Erasmus + projects implemented, it wants to promote the value of diversity among young people, support inclusion in youth organizations and society, promote local actions to foster more inclusive communities in order to delegitimize hatred towards people of different cultures.

In fact, for many years now, with its mission, it has created opportunities to meet different cultures to make young people aware of interculturality and solidarity, encourage their active participation and offer concrete opportunities for non-formal learning, personal and professional development.

Today with this celebration we take the opportunity to remind ourselves that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is responsible for all of us and that the rights it establishes must be relevant for everyone, every day. Our humanity must find its roots in these universal values because equality, justice and freedom avoid violence and promote peace. At the moment when these human values are forgotten, we all run into greater risks and, precisely for this reason, we must assert our rights as much as those of other human beings.

We take this opportunity to make our voices heard by participating in the #YoungTogether campaign of the National Youth Agency to promote these shared values together and disseminate them as much as possible.