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EVS at Villaggio SOS Domenica, 03 Novembre 2013

Hi everyone!

Is dark night and i can't sleep, why not to write some post here. Specialy, when it's passed loooong time what i finaly decided to write one :)

This is not my first choise of project, because i wanted to go to Germany first. But anyway i cant complain and i'm happy to be here, in Vicenza. I'm working at Villaggio SoS Vicenza, with lot of different kids, or also "patate", "stelle" and "banane". Don't ask me, why italian use this for kids, in my language is realy funny :)

First month (maybe 2 monts :-p) it was realy difficult: different people, different language, different tasks. But people here were (and still are) realy welcoming. The same kids, they are so cute, when they want to explain or help me with something. The work with those children is realy hard, speacialy because of language and also because of they personality. But also soooooo beautiful, when small kid, what doesn't even know you ask you to make him/her a hug! Then it is like your own child! The big thanks is also for my first flatmate, what helped me to abituate here. He is like my brother!

Not so late after i met new and new people and i make some connection so i could participate in theater, also with other volunteer and flatmate Hannah from London! This was my dream and i could be part of it!

Also i had some time for traveling, so i can say i love Rome, Venice and also Paris!

Now i'm living with Natasha, from Russia and Adrian from Costarica. But in few weeks Natasha's project will finish, so i'll lose one dear person from our flat.

I don't know what else to say, i'm happy here, enjoying EVS, but still HOME SWEET HOME :)

Enjoy your days and buona fortuna!


Villaggio SOS

Vicenza Mercoledì, 11 Aprile 2012

Hello volunteers and future volunteers!

I'm enjoying the 4th month of the precious experience in Villaggio SOS di Vicenza. The more time passes by, the more interesting it gets, so i recommend the ones who have not made a decision to add a colorful page to their personal history to join :)

Vicenza Villaggio SOS Italy EVS

"Nice to meet you, I'am an European volunteer, and proud of it"!!;) Mercoledì, 20 Ottobre 2010

Here you go, you’re into it! At last you are having the experience you have been dreaming so long about! You’re alone, no friends, no girlfriend, you’re not in your town, neither the air your breath nor the sun that shines are the ones you’ve grown used to: you’re in Italy! Now there is no excuse: it’s you and the unknown; and two paths diverge in front of you… either you fight, or you go back home.This is exactly what I was after. To put my forces to the test, to see if I can face something completely new, without any support from the people I know. That’s a good thing.
As a volunteer, I have encountered many new experiences over the course of these activities and also learnt many things that I had simply not noticed before. I have also developed better communication skills.
I was very excited to share my culture with others and thought this fits perfectly with the project’s desire for bringing multicultural activities to those people. I had also the opportunity to be a kind of ambassador and to represent my own culture from its strong and weak points, my own people with its past and present..
The EVS project is not only a year abroad, a break from routine. On the contrary, it means to live intensely your life, to start off and head to unknown seas, and be back one day with your sheap filled up with gold. A treasure you bild up everyday with your own hands. Nice to meet you, I’m an European volunteer, and proud of it!;)

Italy Villaggio SOS di Vicenza

One year full of surprises in Italy Domenica, 12 Settembre 2010

It is weird to think that less than one year ago I had luggage packing panic and big fear because I was starting to leave behind my whole life and friends to become European volunteer in Italy. I still remember the feeling that I had before going on a plane: it was as I was in love, butterflies were flying around in my stomach and some times it was annoying but most of the times it was such a pleasant feeling!
I started working in one SOS village in Vicenza. I have to admit, the work was from time to time really overwhelming. One point I felt that I am not ready to have responsibility of 7 children and bunch of houshold works I had to carry out. There were times that I asked myself: Is this experience really worth so much heartache and stress? But now when I'm thinking back of this year, I am convinced that it was one of the best decisions I have made. It made me stronger, more empathic, more open minded and definitely I learned a lot. I learned how to console a crying child, learned how to repair broken toys, improved my cooking and cleaning skills and most of all, I learned that if I put my heart into it, I can handle everything.
Working with those children definitely made me understand how lucky am I. How lucky I am to have a supporting family and strong safety net behind me. I now understand that having a proper family is not a must but rather a privilege.
Being a volunteer in Italy helped me to see this country also in a different point of view from a regular tourist. I discovered many faces of Italy and I have to admit that although there is a lot that I didn't manage to see, I fell in love with this country, the language and the culture.
Being a EVS volunteer also gave me opportunity to meet a lot of smart and wonderful people. I learned a lot from those people I met, it was intercultural learning in it's best way!
Being a EVS volunteer can be unimaginably hard, but it really helps to grow as a person and above all, it is a possibilty that will always enrich ones life! :)

Villaggio SOS di Vicenza in Italy

From Villaggio SOS di Vicenza Martedì, 23 Febbraio 2010

“Before going to Italy, I’ve got to admit that I did not really have any expectations concerning housing, work or overall coping with the totally new situation of being on your own.
I love the villaggio; I could even imagine staying there if I had not already got my place at the university. It is probably the greatest experience I have ever made.
The villaggio is regularly visited by old volunteers, not only the ones from abroad, but also from the Italian ones who have been working there only for about three months. I think this (amongst other things) does prove it is a great project and a brilliant place of assignment to spend a year in.
The relationship with the children is very good and I know that I will miss them later on, as well as my Mamma SOS and some other members of the staff. After every weekend I am actually looking forward to return to the villaggio.”

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