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V. day: Every rain is followed by sun Venerdì, 15 Luglio 2016

We started the fifth day earlier than usually. We went to the city to visit two job agencies, Umana and Eures. In Umana, we discussed about what to write in our CVs and what we should and shouldn't do during job interviews. After that, we went to Eures, where we talked about how to find a job in the European Union using their websites. We were a bit disappointed because this program does not include our country since it is not in the EU. But, also, we gained some useful information about how to improve our skills through non-formal education, voluntary work, etc.

We wanted to go to the lake, but since it was raining we decided to stay downtown and enjoy Italian coffee and do some shopping, too.
In the evening, we had the Spanish dinner which we really liked, especially because it was a long time since some of us ate Spanish food. We couldn't decide which meal was the best because we really liked everything!

The best part of the day was to go to the bar after dinner. We spent some time getting to know each other better and everyone went to sleep happy! :)

Amina, Milan and Moke from Bosnia

youth exchange Spain Italy Bosnia

IV. day: Life and work Venerdì, 15 Luglio 2016

The day started with an entertaining game that was about sitting on chairs when the music stopped. There was one chair less than persons, so in every round the person who was on his/her foot, lost the game.

Then, the coordinators made groups to talk about our curriculum vitae and we had to write down the important things that we had to put in our CVs. Meanwhile we had to prepare for one activity of the next day and write questions regarding to curriculum vitae. Afterwards, we had to do a presentation of our work and discuss about the most important parts of the CV.

In the afternoon, we were talking about the things that we have to do in a job interview, for example the way to act or to talk. After this discussion, some of us did a role-play doing an interview. We were looking and listening to them. When they finished, we analyzed their dialogues and collected what we should do before and during a job interview.

In our opinion, all of this activities will be useful in our future to apply for a job and it is useful to know what skills we have to improve.

Nuria, Alex and Pablo from Spain

youth exchange Bosnia Italy Spain

III. Day: Meeting bad/good sides of starting and running a business Venerdì, 15 Luglio 2016

We started our day with choosing photos that represent our dream job. We formed groups and discussed our wishes /dream job by answering to the questions that we got on paper.

Later, we formed different groups and we all got assignments, so we had to prepare a list of questions for entrepreneurs. We all made a list with our groups, and we listened to instructions about the plan to our interview with the entrepreneurs.
After lunch, we started our trip to Trento. Each group had meetings in different hours, so we separated and some people immediately started to work while others went for a coffee/walk.

We asked the entrepreneurs our questions and got a lot of answers and advices for our futures. We had to collect and sum up the answers for our presentation that we had to do on the next day.

Later, we met with other participants and went for a walk to explore more parts of Trento.

At 19.30 we met on the Piazza for a dinner, where we ate lot of good pizza and enjoyed nice company. After dinner we moved on to a small bar, where we all had a drink and connected even more with each other.

Irma, Lejla and Vedran from Bosnia

youth exchange Bosnia Spain Italy