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evs in Rome Giovedì, 10 Novembre 2011

Now my project is coming to its end,and I want to share with you my friend a little bit of my experience here in Italy!Well,, am working with kids,actually the great part of them are teenagers,and as all the teenagers of the world like to be maximalists1!I am helping the sos mothers,the educaters in their works,helping to do homework!!!when I first came to Italy i didnt speak much italian,and i spoke mostly English,and here the children had to speak English in order to comunicate with me!!!ithat wasehincredible and funny to see the many ways ,which we used gestures,pictures!!!Everything in Italy was new for me,the food,the culture,the habits,the way of life,the spoken language!!!I found myself like an alien sometimes!!!t hat was partly cose i didnt understand the language,frankly speaking the dialect that speak children is a little far from italian!!!!it was so hard to catch language,abbreviations!!!Anyway,now i can comunicate perfectly with them!!!Now i feel like a part of their big family!!!The days here are always full of events!!! In the summer i went with children to Caldonazzo,which is a camping place full of trees,activities!!it was the most vivid and intense part of my evs project!!!The days of joy,the days of discovering sth new each day,the days of changing some stereotipes in myself,the days of personal growth.I remember the Lake,children always full of joy,neverending positive energy,seems that they have never consuming batteries!!!The days spent in caldonazzo were full of activities,football,swimming,movie evenings,dancing parties,theatre ,crafts,jewelry making.The stuff was very warm,all of them were doing the best in order to make the holidays for children unforgetable!!I remember myself trying to translate into english the information provided by the stuff,the stuff was speaking Dutch,english..i was making the lists of children who wanted to take part in one or another activities!!it was incredible experience for me too..Now, looking back, I can proudly say that though there were days of tiredness too,I did my best with pleasure and i had my own contribution during that period of time!!!The other big event that took place at vilaggio,but this time in Rome,was the 25 th universary of the vilaggio sos di Roma.well,we were organising the whole week,planning,discussing the ditails in ordar to make 9.10.2011 incredible for the guests,for the children,and of course for the stuff!!The programme was very unique and interesting ...riding the ponies,the saint mass,the magic show,which was not canceled even despite the bad weather,the meeting with astranaute,during which children were asking questions about the life in space!!There were a huge number of people,among them people well known in italy!!!in the end we all were happy to make that day real for the kids,I will miss a lot these days.....children...

Marina Roma