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Hello, I am Andrej, I've been sent here in Italy the 1st of september 2013. I couldn't be happier I thought, but soon I realized, that it's more difficult than I thought. A guy who just finished his high school and went direcly to a different country. Well from experience you also get results as they say. I've learn many things here that I never though I would have, for example cooking, baking, repairing a bicycle, sewing and other housewife skills. But apart from that I've learned how to comunicate with elderly-eldest people, which is something I never though would be ever possible for me due to my personality. This project was also a very convinient oportunity for me to reflect upon myself and about life itself, that is also why it was so important in my life. And also I've realized that a smile is free and should be used way more often in the company of these nice people who reached a certain age even if they won't always respond with a kind smile back because in the end of the day they will think they were in the company of people who smile and even if they won't remember it they will feel the difference. After all we will all be once old, and think about how would you like the people to treat you. For those who will want to accept a similar project, it is way easier and better to work and spent time with a serene elderly person than an preoccupied or even angry one. This project also gave me a feeling of belonging somewhere, the coworkers were really nice to be and talk with. To sum up this year was all worth the effort and thank you Wendy, you made it possible for me!