Namaste! Blog dei volontari

Sagar has recently arrived from Nepal and after being quarentined for two weeks he has had the opportunity to start working and experiencing Trento 

I am in Italy for already a month, but due to the quarantine and lockdown, I have been out in the city only a week. So all that I know about Trento, Italy is mostly from the inside. The rooms are nice and warm, the bed is springy and the dogs that people walk are breeds that I have never seen before. I am in Italy! 

After the first few meetings, with the administrator, coordinator and the social media manager; I now am working on 3 projects. Each better than the previous one! Globers, the project that brought me here is almost halfway through, EMpath4YOUth a new calming project about emotional intelligence and Social Emotional Learning is going to be awesome and I feel is absolutely something we should bring to our day-to-day language; and the last project DEEGeays (we call it DJs) is an ambitious project trying to bring the Non-formal education into the online space. I just cannot wait for them all to begin in full-fledge. 

I did make friends. Thank all the 300million gods. Reme (who dislikes being called by her full name), Julia (the youngest of the group) and Juliette (Oui!) are so full of life! And in my hostel I will have around 10 hostel mates all from various parts of Italy. I don’t think I’m going to miss home. 

I am Sagar, and I am in Trento!