Marta shared how her experience has gone so far, dealing with a new reality and the country's retrictions due to COVID19. 

It’s been a month since I arrived in Bolzano and even it’s not a lot of time I feel that lots of things have happened. Starting from the beginning, I left Spain in the moment where new restrictions came up and no one could move their cities, then I arrived in Italy and two days later Süd Tirol started a new lock down. Yes I know what you thing: a girl with a lot of luck!

The first weeks where basically: exploring my neighbourhood, the supermarkets and nature around me, which here is abundant and I love it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much more, not even go to my work place, which I didn’t know where it would be. Even though before coming I knew it would be hard moving to another country in this situation, until I arrived I haven’t realized how though it could be being by myself for almost three weeks. Not having the possibility to connect with people. However, in the end, I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to realize: how important is for me to be surrounded by meaningful people and how much joy brings to me. Fortunately step by step I could find very kind humans here and a new learning together with it: being patient and active towards what I want because in the end it will arrive.

At that moment it’s been a week and a half that I started my work in a Youth Centre and I love both the kids and my colleges. I’m so happy to be living in such a special city and exited to see what is going to come.

Marta Forcada