Ode to ... Blabliblabla: Blog dei volontari

Juliette wrote a last minute piece in which she had time to tell us about her experience reaching the middle of her volunteering project and even had time to mock Sagar's piece from last week. 

First of all Ciao ragazzi,

Today it’s the 10 of March, and I’m writing this at the last minute (just like for the others text I wrote on this blog, anyways...)

10 of March... time is strange here, it’s like like a temporal rift: time flies without you notice!
I’m at the middle of my volunteering, my fifth month just started and «How guuurl» I feel so great right now, even though we live every Friday as if it was our last Friday in orange (I hope this sentence won’t make sense anymore in a while)!

I feel like, I’m at my place, which is such a good feeling! I guess it’s because I have met wonderful people, with whom I enjoy and love to do simple things. But also because I know myself better, I guess!
Of course our volunteering experience, is probably not like the previous volunteer’s one, but I have to say that I love it. Coming here is probably one of the best decision I took!

You already see pictures of the activities we did in Sagar, Reme, and Christina’s testimony so I won’t repeat the same things just add some inedit pictures!

I don’t read any books but... I’m watching stupid TV program in Italian so I can improve my level, among them «Alta infidelta», I thought to stop watching it many times feeling ashamed, disagreeing, rolling my eyes, nodding with exasperated agreement and laughing nervously at the decisions made. ( love you Sagar :D)

Regarding to my volunteering, if I had a lack of motivation during two weeks, I’m now full of energy again. My relationship with the residents is better and better everyday. I also feel more a part of the work team ! Again, I feel at my place there... blabliblabla....

- Signé Juliette ... oui oui baguette.