IV. day: Life and work Blog dei volontari

The day started with an entertaining game that was about sitting on chairs when the music stopped. There was one chair less than persons, so in every round the person who was on his/her foot, lost the game.

Then, the coordinators made groups to talk about our curriculum vitae and we had to write down the important things that we had to put in our CVs.

Meanwhile we had to prepare for one activity of the next day and write questions regarding to curriculum vitae. Afterwards, we had to do a presentation of our work and discuss about the most important parts of the CV.

In the afternoon, we were talking about the things that we have to do in a job interview, for example the way to act or to talk. After this discussion, some of us did a role-play doing an interview. We were looking and listening to them. When they finished, we analyzed their dialogues and collected what we should do before and during a job interview.

In our opinion, all of this activities will be useful in our future to apply for a job and it is useful to know what skills we have to improve.

Nuria, Alex and Pablo from Spain