Forza Italia numero 2! Blog dei volontari

I know, I know, long time no see! What can I say, I’ve been busy.

Ciao a tutti,

I know, I know, long time no see! What can I say, I’ve been busy. Since May I started having holidays for a few days each month to discover Italy. 

So, in May my first adventure was with my beautiful girls, Juliette and Reme. We rented a car, and we had a small tour in Tuscany. First stop Firenze. If you ever go there, I suggest you have brunch at Le Vespe Café. I’m sure most of you expected a sightseeing place or museum or street. Well, no, this brunch tops it all. Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t have a hiccup during this tour. After visiting Firenze, Siena, Volterra, Piombino, isola d’ Elba and Bologna, on our last day while driving back home and making a stop at a lake on the way I scratched the wheel while trying to park. Oups, I know it’s just a scratch, but it cost us a lot of money. Sorry girls.

Next stop, June, and Venezia with Juliette. Again, when you go there you need to visit Iguana, a Mexican restaurant. It’s so funny to me because while writing this I’m also realising that it looks like I enjoyed the food more than the places. It’s not true, I’ve enjoyed both equally. Burano was my favourite in this area. Beautiful colours.

Also during this time, we managed to have a bath at the beach which was great.

Jullyyyyyyy!! And my sister arrived!!!!!!! This was a sisterhood trip. Me, Juliette and our sisters, Eleni and Romane visited us in Italy, and we all went to Sardegna. At first, flights were cancelled and delayed, we encounter a very strange taxi driver that didn’t seem to know Olbia, but we finally made it to our place after almost a whole day. For this one I wouldn’t give any suggestions as we made an error, and we lost another day driving from Olbia to Cagliari (8 hours of driving). You can laugh in my face about it, I’m still laughing at myself. One thing I can say is that YOU NEED A CAR THERE!

But we were fortunate enough to have been at some beautiful beaches. After we parted ways and me and my sister had an amazing stay at Cinque Terre. It’s a magical place. Riomaggiore it’s a must! I also wanted to show my sister where I live and work, so we visited Casa Lamar together and did the SUP at the lake.

August was the friendship honeymoon. Six of my friends visited me from Cyprus. Organising this trip really felt that I was some kind of a travel agent! It was sooooo much fun, we did sooo many things. We’ve been to Rome dancing on a bridge all night, we had beer with some local people, we were awake almost 24 hours. I thought I wouldn’t make it to bed but it totally worth it. Next stop Amalfi coast! So beautiful! From there we ended up at Capri, where we rented a boat for a day, and we did the whole tour of the island. This was the best highlight of these holidays. Coming next Napoli!!!!! OMG!! What a great city!!!! For me it was a mixture of India and Europe. I loved it. It’s unique to the places I visited in Italy so far. Coming back though from the last holidays I found an empty apartment with no flatmate anymore. And it hit me. I knew it was coming of course, but my mind didn’t comprehend it. I miss you baby! So much! I can’t wait for our next meeting in October and for our future adventures together.

And since that day there was a sequence of changes in my life here in Italy. Even before I had the time to accept my new living circumstances and with Juliette leaving, I found out that within a week a new person was coming to live with me. I had to change rooms, rearrange and clean the whole apartment to accommodate this newcomer. His name is Sergio, and I hope he brings his two cats soon. Also, the new girl is coming on the 20 th . At work there is a debate, they are not sure if a Polish or a French is coming. We will find out in the next episode, I guess. It’s a bit hard for me to go through so many changes at a small period of time, but I believe it’s a way to build self-resilience when life is unexpected. I am practising for that, I guess.

As far as my project goes, I love that I have been given new responsibilities, like driving the residents to doctor appointments, or doing the weekly shopping for the home. I am really happy about that. Pfff it’s been long because it’s been a while. I’m done for now. Stay tuned guys! A la prossima. To be continued…..

P.S. I miss my dogs.

-Christina Theodorou