Forza Italia! Blog dei volontari

Christina, a volunteer from Cyprus, arrived in Trento a few weeks ago during her birthday, the city and the people here welcomed her with open arms. 

Ciao tutti,

After about four changes on my arrival date in Italy, due to Covid, and an 18-hour journey, I finally reached Trento about a month and a half ago. I reached the apartment super late in the night, but lucky I was my flatmate had left me the sweetest welcoming note, a delicious chocolate cake, and food in the fridge. My first morning ever in Italy found me in this beautiful apartment, looking at the amazing view of the snowy mountains around Trento from my balcony. The next two days I strolled around the city and I had my first coffee in Italy at a coffee shop, something I could not do back in Cyprus for a very long time because of a lockdown, it was fantastic! My flatmate introduced me to the rest of the volunteers here in Trento and since then we are discovering the city and the surrounding area as much as we can. So far, I have seen the beautiful Lago di Garda, Sardagna, Madonna di Campiglio and Monte Bondone, where we had amazing time with sleds.

My first day of volunteering was on my birthday, I felt so welcomed and I even had a birthday cake. This year I thought I would not celebrate it because I would be somewhere completely new. However here I was having people singing happy birthday to me. My first two weeks were very difficult in terms of the language as everyone only speaks Italian. However slowly I started learning and understanding more day after day. All the people at Casa Lamar, one way or another, try their best to explain to me when I do not understand. I also started my Italian lessons, which I am so excited about, not only because I will be able to communicate better, but also because is another great way to meet people. I love my days at Casa Lamar, and especially when by doing the simplest thing, like playing some music or making a joke, people laugh, sing, dance and they have an enjoyable moment. I also love helping in the kitchen as I learn a lot. I had my first attempts on making pizza and tiramisu. These moments are precious, and they mean the world to me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me here through this beautiful experience. I hope the days that I will be able to explore this beautiful country and its people are close. Love and Light everyone.

Christina Theodorou