Would you like to volunteer at a school in Mantua in the field of education and counter school drop-out

Join the European Solidarity Corps and become part of the Mantegna institute's team for 5 months starting from October 2024!

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Associazione InCo - Interculturalità & Comunicazione


From October 2024 to March 2025

Organizzazione ospitante

The Mantegna institute is a very active school in various areas and tries to encourage its students to be active and
interested, not only by passively experiencing the activities that are proposed to them.

The teachers of the institute wage a daily battle against early school leaving in a continuous search for an appropriate educational offer to tackle the problem.

The A. Mantegna institute has been active for many years in participating in many European projects. 

Actively promotes orientation courses for fourth and fifth grade students, including the possibility for young people, in

addition to the university, to the various job opportunities and how to actively search for work, also on the possibility of
embarking on volunteer paths abroad through the European Solidarity Corps.

In addition, language teachers involve students in activities, including extracurricular, in order to deepen foreign
languages and cultures.


Help and support during English classes.

A wide range of activities can be offered at the school, depending on your interests and previous experience (e.g. culture, sports, education, cinema).

Volunteers who will be involved in the project of the A. Mantegna Institute will have the opportunity to meet with teachers operating in different areas, who have been doing this job for many years, who have proven experience with young people and who are aware of how important it is also the motivational aspect in carrying out its activities and tasks. 

Numero di posti

1 volunteer 

Termine ultimo di adesione al progetto
Requisiti per partecipare

Excellent knowledge of the English language or mother tongue;
- Special attention and sensitivity to social and educational issues; 
- Personality: volunteers should demonstrate social and communication skills appropriate for teamwork and multicultural contexts;
- Experience and skills: a wide range of activities can be offered at the school to be carried out with the students, so volunteers may have different educational backgrounds and experiences (cultural, sports, psychology, social work etc.);
- Motivation: volunteers must be motivated towards the project and its topics;
- Multicultural orientation: the diversity of people with whom volunteers come into contact is a fundamental aspect of the projects.


You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. 

The volunteers will live inside a flat with single or shared room near the city. 

The volunteers receive a food allowance.

Pocket money, according to the ESC guide standards in Italy are 180 euro per months (6 euro per day).

Cosa fare per candidarti

For any information write an email to:

If you want to apply send your CV (in English or Italian) to and fulfill this Application Form .

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