Volontariato Europeo in Polonia nell'ambito della multiculturalità e solidarietà

Vuoi fare un'esperienza all'estero di 12 mesi, lavorando nell'ambito della multiculturalità e solidarietà insieme ad un team giovane ed internazionale? Se hai tra i 18 e i 30 anni, questo progetto fa per te!

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Wrocław, Polonia

10 mesi a partire da febbraio 2021

Organizzazione ospitante

Semper Avanti Association is a Wrocław-based NGO established in 2001. We are characterized by experience in the implementation of various projects for the benefit of young people.

We operate mainly in three areas:
1. Youth in the labor market.
2. Supporting the development of civil society and youth participation.
3. Broadly understood tolerance and building intercultural dialogue.

Our team consists of active people, willing to take actions for the benefit of others, interested in working with young people, supporting and developing social involvement, involved in developing sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences in communities.
We carry out vocational training (VET) projects by accepting foreign interns and supporting schools in sending Polish students abroad. We host foreign volunteers as part of the European Solidarity Corps. We are the only point in the Opolskie Voivodeship, belonging to the network of Eurodesk information points. Get involved with us, change the city and region!

We invite you to take part in events organized by us, public events or meetings with foreign volunteers as part of ESC.

Some information about Wrocław

Wrocław, located on the islands on the Oder River, is a wonderful capital of Lower Silesia with a very rich past, over 1000 years. It is one of the most interesting and at the same time the most beautiful cities in Poland, extremely attractive for residents and tourists. This capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is the most important cultural, economic, academic and tourist center of south-western Poland!


The project involves hosting four volunteers and jointly implementing a number of activities for:

- human rights.

- local activities.

- civic education.

- promotion of multiculturalism.

- understanding and acceptance of individual cultures.

In the volunteering program, participants will plan, prepare and carry out workshops aimed directly at school youth and students, as part of educational programs implemented by the Association. Indirectly, their initiatives will also shape the intergenerational local community.

Promoting the culture and language of your country, conducting classes in human rights and tolerance, and intercultural communication by the intercultural meetings (online and offline).

The workshops will be conducted in Wroclaw, but also in many other Polish cities, in line with the activities of the association.

Supporting organisation in the daily routine ( like social media, creating content, support office work, helping with writing the projects)

Numero di posti

4 volontari

Termine ultimo di adesione al progetto
Requisiti per partecipare

For applying to this project you need to be a citizen of an European Union Country, between 18 and 30 years old. You should not to have done a long term EVS/ESC experience before and an ability to communicate in English language is required. 

We're looking for volunteers who are motivated to take part in the activities of the project, open for changes and innovation, ready for work in a team and taking initiative for creating and develop new activities. You'll need to be flexible in working with international teams, tolerant with the different cultures and ready and motivated to experience new cultures.


You will be accomodated in an apartment house in Opole. The house will have kitchen/living room, double bedrooms and bathroom. You will share your bedroom with another volunteer. Sheets, blankets and pillow are provided but bring your towels. There is Wi-Fi connection in the house and several supermarkets close by.

You will receive a monthly allowance for food + pocket money. Beyond your national health insurance (which give you access to the Polish national health insurance, as country member of European Union) you will have a supplementary insurance (CIGNA).
Your travel expenses will be totally reimbursed by the organization.

Cosa fare per candidarti

Si prega di fare domanda inviando il proprio CV in inglese e una lettera di motivazione a invio@incoweb.org, specificando nell'oggetto il titolo del progetto ESC per cui ci si candida.

Qualche suggerimento per la lettera motivazionale: cerca di farci capire cosa ti interessa di questo progetto, cosa ti ha colpito, cosa vorresti imparare, quale passione hai che vorresti condividere con lo staff e gli altri volontari.

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