“We learn new things every day.” - Fikret's experience in Italy Blog dei volontari

14/12/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

Hi, my name is Fikret! I am 23 years old and I am from Turkey. I am studying Landscape Architecture and I am also learning how to cook in the meantime.

I came to the 'Comune di Lavis' Erasmus+ project through InCo within the scope of the European Solidarity Program. My reasons for choosing this project are because I can work with teenagers and I believe I am quite good at communicating with young people. I found this project to be a great opportunity to learn about new cultures, gain experience, and improve my language skills. In Lavis, we do a lot of different things. We make posters and we organize various kinds of events, mainly for children and young people.

These events are for everyone and they teach us important things about Italian culture. We learn new things every day. I have gained a lot of experience in the past 3 months. This project helps me broaden my understanding of the world around me, and the experiences I gain here will greatly benefit me when I return to my country.