To my experience I can say: Blog dei volontari

Alina, who arrived in september 2019 and decided to extend her International Civil Service, shares her experience which she describes as: "The best decision of my life". 

Coming to Bolzano and choosing to work in a nursery home at ASSB has been the best decision of my life.The work fulfills me and it’s incredible to see how thankful the elderly people are every day even if you just talking with them. You really get the feeling that you make a difference and the life of other human beings a little bit better.On top of that living in Bolzano is great. It’s a beautiful city with a nice size, meeting point of the cultures of Italy and the German speaking part of the population and because of the university very international. In any season you have a wide range of options for your free time like skiing, hiking, riding your bicycle or just sitting in one of the endless cafes watching people passing by and enjoying the dolce vita.