Time for reflection! Blog dei volontari

14/06/2023 Julius BOCCALINI

Ciao a tutti! My name is Julius, I am 20 years old and I am from Germany.  In these weeks I am about to finish my 10 months volunteering project in Molfetta, a small city the beautiful region of Puglia in the South of Italy. 

Since I did my A-levels last year in 2022 and I really didn’t have a clue what to do with my future I came here in order to have some time to reflect and to have some time to decide what to do. I just needed some more time to decide what the right choice might be for me and my future. Additionally, I wanted to improve my Italian language skills. 

Turns out that I gained much more than just orientation and language skills in Italian. I made really enriching experiences doing my work as well as just living the daily life here in Molfetta. Additionally, I met amazing people from all over Europe, who eventually became friends and I managed to become independent and more mature. Of course it’s not always easy living in a foreign country without your friends and family, but for me the positive things always overweighed the challenges and few problems I’ve had here.During these months I really had the possibility to grow up as a person and through that to have the ability of deciding what might be best for me and my future. 
If you have similar difficulties or if you just want to have a ”gap”-year between school and university, I can just encourage you to apply for an ESC-project here in Molfetta. 
If you have more specific questions you can write me a message on Instagram @boccaalini.