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12/03/2014 Arpine Zakaryan

Ciao a tutti!! :)))))

My name is Arpine, I am from Armenia. I spent a wonderful and unforgettable year in Italy, participating in the European Voluntary Service. My project was in an elderly house where I used to help in organizing cultural activities, leisure of the guests like: music therapy, reading newspapers, games, handicraft workshops, organizing birthday parties. I had never done social work before and I couldn't imagine the difficulties which I would face. 

At the beginning of my project like everyone I also had difficulties in getting used to the new community, new people and way of living, but after a short period of time I managed to overcome all kinds difficulties and to enjoy my work and my stay in Italy.
I was always interested in Italian language and culture. This project gave me an opportunity to live and travel in Italy, to learn more about the most wonderful country of the world, its culture and friendly and hospitable people, and to improve my knowledge of Italian language.
I had a great success in my work with the elderly people. In spite of the difficulties that I faced during the first period of my work, I could easily gain the simpathy of the people I was working with, understand their psychology and to establish friendly and close relationship with them. If you work in a social field it is very important love and accept people such as they are. I am completly glad of my project and the activities I carried out there. I could give the most important thing in the world to the people I was working with, SINCERE LOVE, and received the same from them, which is the most important gift that I brought with me from Italy and will always keep it in my heart.:))) I am very happy that I could fill the lives and the loneliness of the people I was working with and I hope that I could leave footprints in their hearts and unforgatable memories in their minds forever.
Besides, living in other country and communicating with people of different cultures and mentality I learnt to appreciate more my own culture and to see more positive things in my country's traditions and customs.
I am very grateful to all the people I was working and living with during my voluntary service in Italy,
to my host organization ASSB and the working staff for their kind attitude and help.
I am grateful to InCo and Wenddi Burger for giving me an opportunity to participate in this project and to receive this positive and useful experience for my future life and for the help and support which I got during my project.
It's an unforgateble experience and you will never regret for having tried it. Never be afraid of trying EVS and facing difficulties, because overcoming each difficulty you get a new and valuable experience for your life.
I wish good luck to everyone who will decide to participate in this project.
Don't be afraid of trying it and enjoy every moment of your projects.