One year in Mexico! Blog dei volontari

28/05/2010 Maren Rottler

I arrived to Mexico almost without any knowledge of the language Spanish. On the beginning I was very isolated and dependent. With the time I felt more comfortable with the new language and even if I did not know a lot of word I had the option to describe words in a simple way or to talk a lot with the hands. When I wanted to say something I had to try not just to translate the German sentence that I had in my head but to simplify it and to imitate the structure of the sentences and expressions. Thanks to the EVS project I changed the way listening and talking in a foreign language. It is always necessary to be creative and open-minded in hearing and forming the sentence.
With the time and improvement of my language skills I had the possibility to develop social contacts. I also had a personal development: I learned to go towards to foreign people and get more self-confidence and open-mindness. Especially with the intensive social contacts I get to know the Mexican culture and mentality: cordiality, hospitality, vitality, gladness. I become after that process to get to know another culture more tolerant and more interested than I was before and more proud of my own culture!

I recommend to everyone an EVS. It is a possibility to get to know a small piece of this big world with its diversity of mentality, music, food, landscape, people,… And in the end an EVS is an adventure and a great experience that is going to leave its mark in the future of every volunteer.

Thanks a lot for this unique chance!!