My gap year Blog dei volontari

03/05/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

Hello everyone, I’m Paulina, 19 years old from Germany and currently volunteering in an elderly peoples home in Bolzano were I spend the days doing free time activities for the elderly people such as playing games, listening to music, going on an excursion or just talking. Since my project here in Italy started last year in September, I only have three months left here in Italy. I can really tell you that time flies and I know that I will really miss living here.

When I first decided to join this project I was really unsure and insecure about what to expect. If I would get along with my roommates, if I would like my project and so on and on. However, I am really great full about the choice I made because I got to know so many nice and friendly people. Even though almost all of the residents are lovely and kind, I have a few (maybe two or three) residents with  whom I have a very close relationship which I really appreciate. Sometimes we just sit down to drink coffee and chat. I feel like this might be the aspect about my work that I enjoy most because the thinks the residents tell you are really interesting and I can also really practice speaking in Italian. Even though I have meet so many great and nice people here and don’t want this year to end, I am really looking forward to spending time with my friends and family in Germany. There are times were I was feeling lonely and was unsure if I made the right decision because I learned how important my family and friends are for me and just being surrounded by someone familiar. But I can tell you that it is really worth it stepping out of your comfort and pushing yourself to try something new. I would highly recommend taking a gap year and going abroad to almost everyone because you will experience so many great things, meet great people and most importantly let you get to know yourself from a whole new and different perspective.