My EVS in Saronno (ITALY) Blog dei volontari

Hi everybody,

When I arrived to Italy I didn't know the language. But when I became aware that without Italian language it is very difficult to interact with people, I decided to learn the language very hard. And it was a great decision. Now I speak italian fluently. During the first three months it was hard to explain my feelings and what exactly I wanted from the others since I didn’t know Italian.

 But in every situation I tried to be calm and I tried to explain what I really wanted. The people with whom I cooperated were very nice and helpful. They always wanted to help me to find the best way to explain to me the activitties and how we can implement them. I tried to explain in other ways when I didn’t know the exact expression in Italian. Sometimes I used the english word or when I didn't know the right word I described what I wanted to say and used body language. I have not only learnt Italian but I have also improved my English. In my project I used Italian very often because I worked with children and youngters and they mostly wanted to speak Italian. But when we did the homeworks we spoke also english. I used english to welcome the new International volunteers coming the Villaggio SOS. Furthermore, I have met people from different countires (countries). and heard new languages that I didn't hear before: Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Russian, French.

I had to manage my budget as well as my professional and personal time. I had to calculate everything (how much money I can spend for my free time, how much time I need to achieve my goals, implement the activities). Moreover I have helped the youngsters with mathematics and their homeworks. I have improved my flexibily and problem solving skills (sometimes I had to change my plan or in some cases at work – when the plan is changed.)

I have learned a lot about human relations and it is normal that everybody has different habits and way of behaving influenced by cultures, families, education, etc. Hence, I have tried to understand and learn the habits before judging. I have learnt that the best way to avoid misunderstanding is a direct communication. So when I had difficulties or problems, I went to speak to my colleagues, the director or my mentor to find a solution. I am a very friendly person and I have now a lot friends in Italy.

During my EVS I practiced a lot of knowledges from my university and of course I had to practise time management and project management. I and other volunteers of my project created one leisure time activity for children and the youngsters. Its is It is like a quiz and some challenge activities – type of intercultural learning (the name is Intercult’isle)

I did everything for 100% and I like this form of cultural experience. I am convinced that this is the best way how to learn a new foreign language and get to know new different cultures. Most of italian people use gestures. Now I learned some of them and when I want to express myself or some situation I am prepared to use them.

I am very thankful for this European program and now I am very satisfied, because I was part of it. I can also recommend this type of program to everyone.