Molfetta changed my life! Blog dei volontari

27/08/2019 Kelly Schmit

Hey, my name is Kelly and I'm a 21 luxembourgish girl. From February to end of July I made my volunteering experience in Molfetta (BA) in Puglia.

During my 6 months in Molfetta, I've made the most important experience in my life until now.

I worked in InCo Molfetta office with the staff of InCo. They gave me a lot of opportunities to work with youngsters from different countries and of course to work with Molfettese people.

We went to schools to explain the different programmes of Erasmus+, I participated in two other programmes of Erasmus+ like KA3 and a Youth Exchange.

My tutor was Corrado, I'm so thankful that I could work with him and that he always wanted to help, as soon there was a problem.

I met so many nice people in Molfetta, and of course I made some really good friendships over there!

I really enjoyed my stay in Molfetta, not only for the people I met, but also for the food (which is of course one of the most important things) but also to know better the culture of South-Italy and I learned to beautiful Italian Language!

To all the young people out there, I can just consider you to make the same experience I've made because if you don't do, you will miss a really important step in your life!

Thank to InCo Staff, and thanks to the people I pass the most of the time with!