Luisa’s Homecoming Story Blog dei volontari

10/08/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

Since a few days I am back home. It's great to see my family, friends and my cat again. I walk along well-known ways, I can express myself more freely in my native language, I enjoy spending time with people I haven't seen in a long time.

Everything is so familiar and so different at the same time. It feels strange to be back in Germany, in my little village. I miss many things from my time in Italy. The city that was my home for 10 months, listening to the Italian language and of course the people I met.But the fact that I miss so much also makes me aware that the time in Italy was wonderful. When I think back to this intense time, I am grateful. Grateful for the beautiful moments, for all the experiences and especially for the people I had the chance to meet.It's not easy to deal with so many different emotions at the same time and I still need a little time to get used to the life in Germany again.Nevertheless, through the precious experiences abroad, I feel ready for a new challenge and to start the next stage of life.- Luisa