London 2010 Blog dei volontari

06/01/2011 Guido Spargoli

Hi guys,

How are you?

I’ve just finished my project in London which lasted a year. The day before I came back to Italy my friends asked me if I was sad about leaving after such a lovely time and a great experience. Guess what I replied.....“Yes, I am”. Looking back I have to say that I really enjoyed my placement, my job and my friends and I think I will miss everything.

I was a volunteer in a charity which works (throughout three different projects) with people who are addicted to alcohol and drug, homeless people and people with learning disabilities. I’d never worked in that field before so, everything was new and to be fair it was difficult in the beginning. For example, a new language, new city, new friends and a new culture. However, eventually I really enjoyed it and I’ve learnt things that I didn’t know.

In the placement where I used to work there were three projects. The “Drop-In Centre” where homeless people came to receive support, have a chat, eat some food and drink a cup of tea. Another project was the “Acorn House”. It is a hostel where people addicted to alcohol and drug received their rehabilitation sessions. Last but not the least, “The New Hanbury Project” where people who were sober or still drinking or taking drugs came to do some learning activities like gardening, cooking, guitar and carpentry.

After this year I think that I’ve learnt many things that I wasn’t aware before. Things that I took for granted, but they were not. I really hope to use the experience I gained as a guide for my future and as an inspiration of life.