La bella esperienza nella bella Italia Blog dei volontari

21/08/2018 Diana Segzdaviciute

Nine months in Molfetta, in la bella Italia... What a wonderful life I experienced as a volunteer of EVS!

During this time, I met amazing people and visited gorgeous places, ate delicious food and enjoyed magnificent moments near the Adreatic sea. All of this – parts of Italian identity and culture. Nevertheless, the most important, I was a volunteer at school and I had the possibility to implement my ideas.

My project took place at secondary school in Bisceglie, where I communicated with school children  in English everyday  to motivate them to learn and improve this foreign language. I must say that Italian children are stunning! They are brave to ask and curious to understand  and always always want to talk :)

I was lucky volunteering with another girl from the Czech Republic, who also loved children very much. During lessons we did linguistic activities (debates, discussions, guess who and how, etc.) and played linguistic games (riddles, origami, drawing a story, bingo, mime games, etc.). Moreover, once in the month we organized special events based on international days: World Hello Day, International Students Day, International Volunteer Day, International Mother Language Day, The Beatles Day, World Water Day, European Day and World Book Day. All teachers were really supportive! :)

Furthermore, we organized a pub quiz as a joining activity called “EUreka: Quiz PUBblico“ that took place in nice pub near the port in Molfetta. Mostly all  questions were related to European culture and I am happy that this game was quite popular, especially among other volunteers and friends! It was nice experience  :)

Thinking about those days in Italy, I always remember wonderful people by whom I was surrounded all nine months. They inspired me, they supported me, they amazed me almost everyday and they made my EVS even more beautiful J

To be a volunteer is a lifetime experience, that I recommend to be taken by every young person!