Keep calm & volunteer with InCo Molfetta Blog dei volontari

10/08/2023 Yuliia Pantiukhina

Monday. I dance in the office alone, very after 6pm, to get ready to my improvisational theater workshop for a group of local youth and other volunteers. Tuesday. I draw posters and brainstorm activities for the next youth exchange. Wednesday. I go to school for a workshop on recognizing and expressing emotions. Thursday. I prepare huge thermoses with tea and coffee in the office for visitors to one of the volunteer events. Friday. I cry in the office because crying is sometimes very therapeutic and I feel safe, that is, I can express myself without fear of being "in the wrong place at the wrong time"

My volunteering at the InCo Molfetta office lasted only 4 months, and it really felt like one week, but at the same time, a lifetime was formed during that time. I came closer to knowing my true capabilities and boundaries, I became much more self-confident and open to challenges. I managed to implement an idea that, before I came to InCo, was only a vague outline of some ideal future, and had no real basis. But after getting into the right, suitable environment, I received extraordinary support from coworkers and other volunteers, and their help, their faith in me became an important brick in the process of transforming a dream, unclear thoughts into a real project with a plan, program, time frames, advertising, involvement participants, the schedule, regular meetings, team building and the performance, which gathered about 30 spectators.

I always, every day, felt that anyone is taking care about me. And that the ideas I propose are valuable and worth working on their implementation. The InCo office is a place where people grow as individuals, receive recognition and support, learn to be free, help each other and fear nothing.