"In my project, the most important thing is contact with another person." - Natalia's experience in Italy Blog dei volontari

02/01/2024 Mateusz Przybylski

Cześć! My name is Natalia. I am from Poland and I am 30 years old. In my country, I work in a company that sells aviation fuel. Here in Italy, I am a volunteer and I work with people addicted to drugs, suffering from AIDS, and other comorbidities at Casa "Lamar" in Trento. I completed my psychology studies and postgraduate studies a few years ago.

In my project, the most important thing is contact with another person, cognitive activation, spending time together, talking together, and sometimes simply being next to each other in tacit understanding. Even though my project seems difficult, it is beautiful, and being a part of it is priceless. From the first meeting, I fell in love with my "ospiti". They are unique people, full of inner warmth and kindness. They have gone through a lot in their lives, and I have the exceptional opportunity to get to know them and draw from their experiences, as well as learn from people who work with them every day. This experience of different colors of life allows me to obtain a more complete picture of the human being.

I also fell in love with Trento at first sight. My beautiful project, dear flatmates, remarkable mountains around, gorgeous surroundings, wonderful sun, delicious food, and very friendly people make me very optimistic about the next few months of living here.