II. day: Let's check our abilities! Blog dei volontari

14/07/2016 Luca Anaclerio

After a good breakfast we had to get some energy and so we did a dancing game together. After we talked about our strengths and weaknesses, and also our opportunities and threats provided by our environment. We had a deep discussion about them and we tried to understand our situation.

The same groups also had to complete the descriptions of the ERASMUS Youthpass' competences. It was the most challenging activity of the day.
We ate a delicious lunch and then we tested our skills in memorizing a LEGO man, because our leaders wanted to prove our abilities in working in groups. It was a good idea, because we have to practice our collaboration and logical skills.
We made an evaluation of the day among Italians, and now we are going to taste the Bosnian dinner!

Antonio, Enrico, Luca and Vittorio from Italy