From Portugal to Italy! Blog dei volontari

16/03/2010 Ana Raquel

My EVS program was a stroke of luck! I received an e-mail informing about a volunteer service in a Villaggio SOS in Italy and I decided to apply. At that time was finishing my Graduation and I thought perhaps it could be a nice idea, instead of the previous one – find a job! Fortunately I was chosen! I must confess that I didn’t thought so much about it, I mean, it´s something important and beautiful and maybe in the beginning could be a little scaring: going to other country, accept an adventure without knowing exactly what´s on the other side, live obligatorily with people you´ve never seen before, be away from your family and friends, leave the security of your home and from your warm connections. It´s not easy, you think!

I was really relaxed about everything, maybe too relaxed! After my Graduation I took huge summer vacations and I come. I didn’t think so much, I didn´t allowed me feel so much! I arrived and of course everything is new, you feel that things around you are a little untouched or, at least, you may not know exactly how touch and deal with the different stimulus. For me was really nice to feel it, I mean it. The smell of new adventures and new vibrations was excellent! I liked the group, the house where I’m living, the city and the Villaggio. Although I found some difficulties in the project. Learn how to deal and take care of really small kids, for me, was the most difficult part.
Learning Italian is still being a challenge. The cultural differences weren’t a barrier of integration. Portugal is some kind of similar and the language also - Latin livestyle. In spite of this bonus I had, I recommend all the young people to take this chance. It will be a completely unusual and special year…a part all the contacts you´ll have around Europe!