From Armenia to Italy: ready to face challenges Blog dei volontari

Hello everybody,

I’ve spent a wonderful year of volunteering service in Bolzano, Italy full of everything: joy, difficulties, rise andfalls, new explorations, travels and a lot of love.

The EVS is a unique way to explore oneself and to evaluate your own life.

But I have to confess that it was not always easy and sometimes, I just wanted to walk away. That’s why in my opinion one should know definitely why he/she wants to participate in the project, what does he/she look for there and to understand all the difficulties that may face there. Apart from the opportunity to travel and learn a new language, it’s a responsible job with people who need help (elderly, disabled, immigrants, kids etc.). So it’s important to be respectful to people with whom you work with,understand their needs and try to give your best to make their lives easier or at least, a little bit more happy.

And in order to get the best profit from the project, one should be open and curious to explore and experiment, ready to face challenges.

Along with all the difficulties, it was the best year of my life that I will always remember with smile.

Thanks to InCo for giving me a chance to try it and for all the help and support I’ve got all along my service.

My best regards