Fabienne’s Experience Blog dei volontari

20/07/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

My name is Fabienne and I am currently doing my voluntary service in the “animazione” of a home for the elderly in South Tyrol/Alto Adige.

Fortunately, a lot was explained to me in German at the beginning, so I was able to get along well. But Italian is not neglected in South Tyrol either. I speak almost only Italian with our residents. The work itself is a lot of fun. The residents are all very different and have many stories to tell.
The activities consist of games, gymnastics or music, for example.
Living in an international shared flat sometimes is a challenge but you learn to get along very fast. I really enjoyed traveling with my flatmates though the country and visiting many different places of Italy.
I can only recommend such an experience to everyone, even if not everything always goes smoothly. You develop yourself and learn a new language and culture along the way and gain a lot of experience. The gratitude of the people is also a great motivation to complete a volunteer service.