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24/11/2019 Jarmila Kocova

Certain time spend abroad is the best decision to be made, it gives you the opportunity to grow and it changes you in a way you cannot even imagine and do not expect. Mine certainly did! 

Ciao tutti, mi chiamo Milli, sono di Slovacchia, ho 26 anni e il mio progetto di volontariato ero a Molfetta in bella Puglia nel sud Italia. A Molfetta sono stata quasi 9 mesi.

Doing an EVS in south of Italy teaches you a lot of things about the stereotypes you hear, the differences between the north and the south of the country, the importance of food, family, religion and traditions. It was fascinating for me to see which things are important for the people in Molfetta and what does not matter at all. Everyone here is very friendly, welcoming and sociable, interested in others and more than happy to help with anything. As almost no one spoke English I could improve my Italian very fast which for me made quite a difference for the time during my project. The project was placed in the Municipality of Molfetta where I supported English communication with EU institutions and other countries cooperating with the Municipality, I translated tourist guides in different languages, took part in activities created for citizens of Molfetta such as “Aroma Yoga” for elderly and adults which included also an activity for children with disabilities in order to teach them about nature around us. One of my favourite activities was a cooking project “A qui si mangia bene” about the Pugliese cuisine taught by Molfetta’s grannies. I also joined activities such as Movie projection in various squares around the city, Garden project “Orto” in cooperation with Molfetta’s highschool or the Tourist office during their guide tours. It was a time well spent.

I have started my EVS in March. For most of the volunteers already participating in various projects in Molfetta was the time coming to an end. The timing of my project was from this point of view not the most fortunate one, but based on that I have had the chance to meet double as much volunteers and create new friendships with the new group of people. I am very grateful for that!

An experience abroad is the best decision to be made not only in order to learn about other culture, traditions, society or to improve foreign language but it is in my opinion a great opportunity to become more independent and responsible, to overcome prejudices and borders, become open minded and respectful to every other human being and it changes you whether you want it or not. Everyone should enjoy the opportunity we have nowadays and spend some time abroad and outside of our the comfort zone.