ESC short-term - l'esperienza di Simone in Slovenia Blog dei volontari

15/11/2023 Fabiana Paoli

Hi everyone! 

I'm Simone and I took part for almost 2 months in a volunteering project in Slovenia with the organization "TRAJNOSTNI PARK ISTRA" held by Petra and Janez, 2 amazing people who have been fundamental for me and my experience.

In those 2 months, we did many different activities: we helped families in need, we renovated houses, we built some fences for the animals of the farmers and we also played with kids. This project completely changed my life because I met a lot of amazing and inspiring people, I learned a lot of new things about living more sustainably and I passed some of the best days of my whole life. Being a volunteer opens your mind, enlarges your culture, and also makes you live unforgettable experiences that you will never forget.

I also have to thank InCo, which was my support organization for the whole project, for all the support it gave me and for always checking that my experience was going well, especially Fabiana has been fundamental for me and for all the doubts and fears I had before joining this experience.

I hope that my words can help someone who is scared about joining something new and getting out of their comfort zone, if I hadn't done that I would have missed one of the best adventures of my whole life :)