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21/03/2024 Estéban Pain

Bonjour ! Ciao! I’m Estéban, 25 years old from France currently volunteering in Molfetta near to Bari in Italy. I chose InCo Association because, first of all, I wanted to be in touch with an Italian organisation. It was very important for me to volunteer in this beautiful country and above all to learn this beautiful language and disover the amazing culture. Which I did!

I felt very useful in my project and I was free to propose different ideas. Actually, I’m working with immigrants’ kids and help them after school.  I used to word with kids on the beach, I did French non-formal lessons, I participated to different events of the city, etc…
After almost one year, I can say that I completely bloomed in the city and in my project through my association. Now, I speak Italian and my english is even better.
If you’re hesitating to do a European Solidarity Corps, I’m telling you right now: just go!